Wednesday, February 19, 2014



By T. Raceine Hobbs-York

Here is a question
for me tonight.
Can this curious dreamer
really write?

Can I do more
than compose a rhyme?
Can I write a story
riveting, sublime?

Can I captivate,
enchant and allure?
Can I transcend
the imagination pure?

Am I a writer
or just a dreamer?
Can I be a sleuth,
a rotten schemer?

Can I develop craft,
construct and create
a tantalizing story
of intertwined fate?

Can I tease, entice
and stimulate until
they’re caught off guard
with a scandalous thrill.

With breaths held
and bathroom breaks ceased,
can I captivate my audience
to travel with me.

Until! Unable to wait
to traverse the next scene,
they can’t go to sleep
until all has been gleaned.

Just one more chapter
before going to bed.
But in the end,
the whole book has been read.

Am I merely a poet?
Or can I feasibly be more?
Am I a provocative writer?
Or a  chatterbox bore?

While my mind grapples
with this mystifying quest
I will keep writing stories
and creating my best.

Until next time, my Friends, keep on dreaming!


  1. Well, I should hope you WILL keep writing, Tawnya! And I hope you did more than dream and got some of your fun stuff in the OWFI contest!

  2. Great Poem, Tawnya, and yes you can! Keep on Keeping on......