Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Fun Little Story

Mrs. York and Miss Pop Tart
A Story by T. Raceine York
     Mrs. York bravely and courageously sacrificed herself as she saved the innocent and essential life of Miss Pop Tart today. While trying to help Miss Pop Tart out of the toaster, Miss Pop Tart accidentally, and oh so inadvertently, clung to Mrs. York's middle finger as Mrs. York was bravely trying to save Miss Pop tart's innocent twin brother, Mr. Pop Tart from the hellacious burning of the very same, Mr. Toaster.
     Once Mrs. York had saved Miss Pop Tart and her twin brother Mr. Pop Tart, she blew and blew on her injured appendage trying to ease the painful burn left unwittingly by Miss Pop Tart herself. There was no medication to help the injured Mrs. York and soon a humongous blister arose from her injury, and while causing some distress, the injury was not so bad that she needed to go to the Emergency Room.
     Mrs. York helped Miss Pop Tart and Mr. Pop Tart cool down to a much more comfortable temperature. She then inhaled and gave the miscreant Miss Pop Tart and her twin brother a considering glance. She inhaled again and with an all-consuming and undeniable desire proceeded to eat Miss Pop Tart and her twin brother for breakfast.
     There was no malice or anger as Mrs. York boldly ate Miss Pop Tart and her twin brother, Mister Pop Tart. All she said in response to why she ate them, "They smelled so delicious, I simply couldn't help myself. They were delightfully scrumptious!"
     There will be no charges filed against Mrs. York as there are no witnesses or evidence as to the actual occurrence of this event. She was allowed to go on her way after her selfless act of courage. Her finger will heal shortly and Mrs. York will continue living HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Until Next time my Friends, follow your dreams.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


  Here is a new poem which will be included in my upcoming book "I Am Woman".
Photo by T. Raceine York
by ~T. Raceine York

I am not beautiful.
I am not ugly.
I hope I’m just plain.
I’m definitely snuggly.
I have a good heart
and a nice personality.
I’m a wonderful woman
with depth and vitality.
You judge the cover
without reading the book.
You care less who I am
and more how I look.
I am an everyday woman
with big hopes and dreams.
Your vain, blind stupidity
makes me want to scream.
But --- the joke is on you,
because I’m quite a catch.
Now that I think on it YOU
'don’t come up to scratch.'

Until Next time my Friends, follow your dreams.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014



By T. Raceine Hobbs-York

Here is a question
for me tonight.
Can this curious dreamer
really write?

Can I do more
than compose a rhyme?
Can I write a story
riveting, sublime?

Can I captivate,
enchant and allure?
Can I transcend
the imagination pure?

Am I a writer
or just a dreamer?
Can I be a sleuth,
a rotten schemer?

Can I develop craft,
construct and create
a tantalizing story
of intertwined fate?

Can I tease, entice
and stimulate until
they’re caught off guard
with a scandalous thrill.

With breaths held
and bathroom breaks ceased,
can I captivate my audience
to travel with me.

Until! Unable to wait
to traverse the next scene,
they can’t go to sleep
until all has been gleaned.

Just one more chapter
before going to bed.
But in the end,
the whole book has been read.

Am I merely a poet?
Or can I feasibly be more?
Am I a provocative writer?
Or a  chatterbox bore?

While my mind grapples
with this mystifying quest
I will keep writing stories
and creating my best.

Until next time, my Friends, keep on dreaming!

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Our oldest, Robert, and Me (He was always laughing.)

               I don’t really remember much about that night.  As a matter of fact, I have learned that the things I thought I remembered, I have remembered wrong.  The one thing I remember from the moment I found my husband’s lifeless body on the floor at the foot of our king-sized , four-poster bed, until weeks, if not months later, is my mind racing, like NASCAR on speed (the drugs).  I don’t know if my mind refused to accept what I was seeing or, as my oldest daughter, Heather, said over a year later, we were all in shock and couldn’t accept that we had lost our beloved husband and father.
 From the moment I called 911 until after Robert’s funeral, I can’t remember much; except the need to be strong and to be in control of my emotions.  I thought I was in control of my emotions.  I thought I was strong and stoic like I was supposed to be.  I do remember my mind spinning like a top, never stopping, never slowing.  I thought my mind was alert, focused serene.  I thought my head was going to explode from the thoughts and emotions and confusion racing through it.  I was walking.  I was talking.  I was functioning.  Now I realize I was none of those things.  I was a living, breathing zombie.  Inside my head I was screaming at the top of my lungs.  Begging God not to take Bob.  Begging God to help me.  Days like today, I feel those screams, which I never let out lest I fall completely apart, and hold tighter to God to help me through them.
I was breathing.  But I wasn’t alive.  I was functioning.  I wasn’t cognizant of what I was doing but when I did nothing I had time to think, to feel, to hurt, to want to die. 
From the moment I found my husband and later learned that he had passed away; that his heart had just quit, stopped, given out, seized to function, I felt the first true loss of my life and I lost the one human being that made life bearable.  God gave me the love of my life, as my middle daughter, Rachel told everyone after her father died (and I denied because we fought like cats and dogs) and I didn’t even realize it until months and months after I lost him.  God had given me a precious gift and I was so busy feeling guilty because I didn’t think I had God’s blessing because we were unequally yoked (in Christian terms that means I was a practicing Christian.  He was not.) and I had told God I wasn't going to ask for His blessing because I knew He would say "no."  Yet He told me over and over that Bob and I were meant to be together.  Childish me, hanging on to guilt and shame at dishonoring God, instead of going to Him and healing in His love and forgiveness.  God showed me daily Bob and I were meant to be, I just didn't believe Him, until it was too late to live in the joy and peace He had for us.
When I got home that night, I wanted to go to sleep and never wake up.  But Bob and I had three children who I needed to continue living for.  Because of a promise I had made to God years ago, and because of my children, whom I love dearly, I knew I couldn’t take my own life.  I still feel lost without Robert.  God is helping me every day to cope and continue on living without him.  He wasn’t perfect.  But he was mine.  I am lost without my Valentine. 
Until next time, my Friends, follow your dreams

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lost NOT Alone

         I AM LOST!
         The only thing that has been holding me together the last, nearly, two years is GOD.  Without Him I would have lost it, either gone insane or done something insane.  Living without Robert has been hell on earth.  This makes me realize that my life would be in chaos and out-of-control without God.
         Just imagine a life without God … it would be … … well … …well … I don’t even want to contemplate a life without GOD.  It would be far worse than hell on earth. It would be unendurable.  It is my greatest nightmare, my greatest fear.  Life without God would be untenable.
I am so glad that I don’t have to imagine it.  Ever since God held out His hand and took the hand of this little girl on those stone church steps 48 or 49 years ago, I have been clinging to Him and getting to know Him.  Our relationship has been problematic (on my side) at times, but HE has never ever (I know it is not grammatical) left me or let me down. 
I may be bewildered, confused, perplexed, abandoned, and fragile at this point, but the truth is, I AM NOT ALONE!!! My Heavenly Father is with me.  I am clinging to His hand, holding Him to His promises, and thankful for His PRESENCE in my life. I know that somewhere around the corner He has great plans for me.  My life may be shaken, but my Foundation is stable and secure.  I am wanted!  I am loved!  I am cherished!  I am blessed!
May God bless you and your family this Christmas season as you get together with your family, or as, if you are like me, you sit at home with, or without, pets; I hope you know too that God loves YOU!

Until next time, my Friends, follow your dreams

Saturday, December 21, 2013


               He went home to be with our Heavenly Father two years ago this coming February.  It seems like it was only yesterday.  Some days I feel like I am doing okay, but then other days are like today…
               The loneliness is debilitating.  I only accomplish anything by dent of will.  I just want to sleep or play mindless, time-wasting games.  I don’t want to go out.  I don’t want to talk to anyone.  Yet, I don’t want to be alone.  I call on my children way too often and when I do go out I still feel this endless, ceaseless, soul-numbing loneliness. 
               In the beginning I tried filling it with constant busyness.  I tried filling it with endless hours of unnecessary, mind-numbing shopping.  I went on a cruise and a non-stop sight-seeing, constant busy trip to St. Louis and New York City.  I have tried to immerse myself in reading and writing only to sit before a blank screen, only to read one paragraph over and over.  Then to end up sitting in front of my computer playing freecell,  solitaire, spider solitaire, and mahjong for hours and hours on end.
               At one point I became obsessed with a new thing called Pinterest.  I would spend up to eight hours a day on it, just surfing and finding things … things … things … not making any progress in anything.  Not accomplishing anything.  Not doing … anything. 
               It has been nearly two years and I still feel … … … LOST!
               Lord, in spite of all You have been to me, done for me, seen me through, I still feel … alone … lost … sad … empty.  I have finally begun to write.  I find solace and promise in that.  But I do it for You.  Because I love You.  Because I adore You.  Because I want to please You.  I have joy because of You … in You … from You.
               BUT I feel guilty because I am Your daughter and I should be moving ahead, getting on with my life and I feel like I am on some days.  On other days I feel terribly sad, emotional, moody.  On those days, I feel I have let You down.  My progress seems minute and I feel defeated.   I refuse to give up because I know there is the promise and possibility that I will get to share You through my writing serve You with my heart, my hands, my life, by serving others.
               Some days I wonder though, Heavenly Father, am I really going to make a difference.  Will I get to share You in Word, in deed, and in fact.  Or will I let You down with my pitiful efforts and constant setbacks.  Will I get any of Your books finished, let alone published?  Will I find a job to sustain me?  Am I capable of working a job?  Or am I too lazy, too weak, to unwilling?  Will the debilitating loneliness ever disappear?  Will the anguish ever ease?  Will the sorrow ever turn to joy?  Will I really make a difference for You or am I too lazy and self-centered to put You first? 
               It matters.  It matters to me because I love You so much and all I have done over the last, nearly two years, is make myself live and function and continue on to honor, glorify and share You.  It matters because I have to force myself to go out, to eat, to get things accomplished, to meet others, to leave my house, to continue on.  I do this for You while I wonder if it will ever change and life return to my heart, my soul, my life.  
               I honestly don’t know the answer to any of these questions.  Until I do, I will continue to do these things for You, in honor of You and Hope in You, because I know that no matter how dead and useless I feel, Your Word is my Sword and my defense and Your Word does not come back unfulfilled.  I know that You do have a plan and a future for me, a future of promise and for good.  So for now, I hold on to those promises and am thankful for another day with You in it, because YOU are my God, my Hope, my Future, and my Life.  I trust and believe in You and I give You my life to You to use for Your honor, glory, and Will.  I thank You for Your blessings, promises, and most of all Your Son. Amen.

Until next time, my Friends, follow your dreams

Friday, December 20, 2013




I Still Believe in
Miracles and Magic,
God and Santa Claus
~by~ T. Raceine Hobbs-York
You hear a lot of
     “Bah humbug’s”
     at this time of year.
A lot of “Here we go
     again,” and little
     Christmas cheer.
You hear a lot of
     groaning and some
     complaining too.
You hear a lot of
     negative, the
     positive is few.
But I get so excited
     when it’s time to
     deck the halls.
I fear, I must confess,
     I have myself
     a ball.
I look forward to
     the chaos of this
     busy time of year.
It brings out the child
     in me, and lots of
     Christmas cheer.
I love to sing Christmas
     carols about the
     newborn King.
And my heart swells
     with joy when I hear
     the choirs sing.
I love to hear the
     story about my
     Savior’s birth.
I am humbled by the
     miracle of God
     come down to earth.
Every time I see Mary,
     Joseph and Jesus
     in the nativity
My heart is filled with
     wonder and I fall
     down to my knees.
When I hear of the wise men,
     shepherds and a
     manger-stable bed.
I know a cross and crown
     of thorns is where
     God’s Son was led.
Although this happened
     long ago in a far-off
     distant land
It doesn’t change that Jesus
     is Son of God
     and Son of man.
This is what brings
such joy to this
Holy time of year
when we celebrate Christ’s
     birth and we spread
     love, hope, and cheer.
This is a time of miracles
     and magic and the
     chance to share God’s love.
A chance to give to those
     nearby who don’t have
     as much as us.
This is the time to visit
     Santa Claus and to
     sit upon his knee,
to watch the children’s
     faces as they light up
     with joyous glee.
This is the time to get
     together with our
     family and friends,
the time to forgive each
     other and let our feuds
     and fights all end.
Yes, at this special time
     of year as we celebrate
     Christ’s birth, I pause,
For you see, I still believe
     in miracles and magic,
     God and Santa Claus.


Until next time, my Friends, follow your dreams