Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Fun Little Story

Mrs. York and Miss Pop Tart
A Story by T. Raceine York
     Mrs. York bravely and courageously sacrificed herself as she saved the innocent and essential life of Miss Pop Tart today. While trying to help Miss Pop Tart out of the toaster, Miss Pop Tart accidentally, and oh so inadvertently, clung to Mrs. York's middle finger as Mrs. York was bravely trying to save Miss Pop tart's innocent twin brother, Mr. Pop Tart from the hellacious burning of the very same, Mr. Toaster.
     Once Mrs. York had saved Miss Pop Tart and her twin brother Mr. Pop Tart, she blew and blew on her injured appendage trying to ease the painful burn left unwittingly by Miss Pop Tart herself. There was no medication to help the injured Mrs. York and soon a humongous blister arose from her injury, and while causing some distress, the injury was not so bad that she needed to go to the Emergency Room.
     Mrs. York helped Miss Pop Tart and Mr. Pop Tart cool down to a much more comfortable temperature. She then inhaled and gave the miscreant Miss Pop Tart and her twin brother a considering glance. She inhaled again and with an all-consuming and undeniable desire proceeded to eat Miss Pop Tart and her twin brother for breakfast.
     There was no malice or anger as Mrs. York boldly ate Miss Pop Tart and her twin brother, Mister Pop Tart. All she said in response to why she ate them, "They smelled so delicious, I simply couldn't help myself. They were delightfully scrumptious!"
     There will be no charges filed against Mrs. York as there are no witnesses or evidence as to the actual occurrence of this event. She was allowed to go on her way after her selfless act of courage. Her finger will heal shortly and Mrs. York will continue living HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Until Next time my Friends, follow your dreams.

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