Thursday, October 31, 2013


Photos by T. Raceine York


©T. Raceine Hobbs-York

Outside the air is cool and brisk.
The breeze is cheeky, refreshingly crisp.
The leaves are turning maroon and gold
as Autumn starts to slowly unfold.
Baby animals born in the Spring
leave their mothers to do their own thing.
Leaves on the trees that reached to the sky
float to the ground with a whispery sigh. 
Birds that flew north to birth their young
begin to fly south, summer is done.
Animals scurry to build winter homes
before fierce winter winds begin to moan.
On the tail-end of summers’ heat blast
the first cold day rushes too fast.
The sun is blotted by dreary clouds
cloaking the earth like a mourners shroud.
Longing for warm summer winds to blow
it’s time to prepare for the first snow.
But clothed in her bright colors again
Autumn is cherished like an old friend.
We look at her with awe from our youth.
Aging is beautiful. She is our proof.
We look at her from the prime of life.
She shows calm grace among man’s strife.
We look at her from the wicker chair.
She is quiet dignity, without despair.
In the prime of her life we see her glory.
In our eyes, she is a beautiful story.
Autumn in all of her beauty and splendor
is a treasured friend, we will always remember.

Photos by T. Raceine York
Until next time, my Friends, follow your dreams.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What DO I DO?

Photo by T. Raceine Hobbs-York
Me:  Greetings My Dear Friend!  How are you? 

Me:  Just wondering!  Have you visited my blog lately?  NO!!!

Me:  Well, I wonder why you haven't been reading it.

Me:  Oh, I see!  You say there hasn't been anything posted.

Me:  I don't understand why you haven't been reading it.  I have written my blog at least 3 to 4 times a week.  But, I am getting no feedback.  It is so disappointing.  WELL!  I suppose it would help if I posted it, huh? 

Friend:  Say what?!?

Me:  Yep!  I have written something almost daily.  Got blogs piling up. 

Friend:  So, what's holding you back?  I like what you have written so far. 

Me:  I'm not sure what is holding me back.  I have some ideas though.  Some of my blogs have been on why I am holding  back.  It always helps me if I share my thoughts with someone.  But this time I don't know who to share them with, so I thought I would blog about them.  Then I worried about blogging about them.  I'm not worried about what I have shared.  I would like to share my poetry, my thoughts, as well as how my blog is going.  I decided to share what my concerns were on my blog.  I hoped I would get some feedback that would help me evolve Blog What May.  So I wrote those blogs.

Me:  THEN I thought how I hope it will be a sharing thing as well as a learning thing, kinda' like my writing group.  Some good quality critique.  This came about because I am worried my writing isn't as good as others because my education does not include a bachelors or masters degree, only two years of college which was all I could afford.  I write from the heart.  That doesn't mean I'm good, even though I think I have potential.  So I thought it would be nice to have two or three people critique my blog, either before, or after I have posted it.  I have written poetry for 30 years (my kind - I'm learning all sorts of new things about poetry, as uneducated as I am.)  I am smart, just unschooled. 

Me:  I am so excited about my blog.  About sharing my "everyday common, ordinary, every day, simple - yet awesome" poetry.  I have written a few new poems, because I didn't know if sharing my old work would be alright.  And I love a challenge.  Blogging is awesome.  Whether I have one follower, or one-hundred, or one million, it doesn't matter.  I love it.  I just realized what I think I need, here in the beginning anyway, a mentor.  But then I tell myself, everyone is so busy.  SO WHAT DO I DO?  I am doing what I did when I was worried that I wasn't ever going to go to heaven until I became perfect.  When I finally went to God with my problem, He told me I don't expect you to be perfect before you trust me.  I will perfect you.  I need you to let me teach you.  My life became much more peaceful and less worrisome at that point.

Friend:  So!  What's your problem?

Me:  I don't know who to ask.  Everyone I know is so busy with their own writing, who do I ask?  Or do I just muddle along on my own.
Me:  Today’s poem about AUTUMN has sat in solitude since Tuesday night; waiting in its holding mode because I want to be perfect, but know I will always want to perfect what I have.  I even took photos of beautiful Fall trees today.  Yet, every time, s soon as my blog is written and I go in to post it, I doubt what I have written.  So, what do I do?  Do you know?

Hmmmm ... wellllll... Don't think.  Don't worry.  Just post this one.  Maybe someone will have an idea.
Me:  Great Idea

Photo by T. Raceine Hobbs-York

 Until next time, my Friends, follow your dreams; even when you run into a mountain like I have.  Eventually, I believe it will be a molehill.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Judgment Room

The Judgment Room
By ~  T. Raceine York
I walked into the room with fear and trepidation.
To my profound amazement I found my life on exhibition.
In the middle of the room stood a solitary chair.
In bemusement, I asked myself what I was doing there.
A table by the door held an open book and pen.
I was directed to the chair, not allowed to look at them.
On the wall in front of me was a giant movie screen.
The lights dimmed in the room as I watched every scene.
It was the story of my life playing right before my eyes.
Stunned I watched silently in shame and sad surprise.
I saw every disgraceful injustice, every person I caused pain.
I saw every bad thing I had done, every sinful, ugly stain.
The images before my eyes caused disgust and heartfelt shame.
If I looked inside the book Would it read “guilty” by my name?
I hung my head in misery and choked back my despair.
When I turned my head aside an angel was standing there.
He pointed to the movie screen with sad and troubled eyes.
The scene I saw before me hushed my anguished cries.
I watched God come down to earth in precious infant form.
He made Himself equal to man as He allowed Jesus to be born.
I watched His ministry on earth as He taught us how to live.
Salvation, hope, and love are His most precious gifts.
This was not the greatest gift that God would give to man.
There was one final step to take in His Redemption Plan.
It involved a lonely walk, a cross, and crown of thorns,
a cup of bitter wine and spear, ridicule and scorn.
When Jesus entered Gethsemane He knew death was the final price.
In His compassionate love for man God made the ultimate sacrifice.
God’s love for us is unequaled, unconditional, and unlimited too.
He gave His precious life-blood in His love for me and you.
The picture slowly faded. The screen was dark and bare.
I felt God’s divine forgiveness and release from hell’s despair.
The angel disappeared so I turned to leave the room.
I was afraid to look in the book; afraid it sealed my doom.
In spite of dread I looked inside and wonder filled my soul.
By my name it simply read, “Your debt is paid in full!”
“You will come to live with Me, as My Word foretold
You will enter Pearly Gates and walk on streets of gold.
You will no longer be lost or hurt; no longer will you roam.
I stand here waiting to welcome you to your eternal home.
You have your life to live; Your time does not yet loom.”
On wings of joy and happiness I left The Judgment Room.